Our raw material suppliers


Chemosvit Folie s.r.o (Slovakia), Ab Rani plast Oy (Finland)

Blown polyethylene films based on polymers LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE: transparent and in color

Plastchim-T (Bulgaria)

Coextruded non-oriented films (CPP), biaxially oriented polypropylene films, biaxially oriented BOPP films (transparent, metallized, white, pearl, matte)

UFlex Limited (India)

Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate films (transparent, metallized, matte, with a twist effect)

Print preparation area

The prepress process is very important, because at this stage specialists determine and shape the final form of the finished product.
Tatrafan LLC has its own graphic studio for adaptation and design, production of digital polymer forms for printing.
Cliché engraving is performed with a resolution of 2540 dpi and a line size of up to 150 L/inch.





For flexo printing, Tatrafan uses Comexi printing machines, which are designed with the patented FLEXO Efficiency concept in mind, which is ergonomic, easy to operate and maintain. It allows printing up to eight colors: on film, paper, applying a lacquer coating. The print width is up to 1250 millimeters.




Lamination at the plant is carried out using Comexi laminators. These are high-end laminators designed according to two key concepts: versatility and highest performance. They provide: lamination width up to 1310 millimeters, adhesive lamination up to 4 layers, solvent-free and solvent lamination. It is possible to apply cold glue (cold seal)




Tatrafan LLC is equipped with a high-performance packing machines with internal adhesive reinforcement LEMO INTERmat ST-SA 850. The technology allows to produce packages with a bottom fold, with a rounded and straight bottom. It is also possible to perforate the valve (the so-called tear-off valve, which is used in manual packaging of goods). At the same time, the machine makes perforated round holes (for air access) and notches on the packages.

Additional features


Selective varnishing
coating certain areas of the packaging surface with varnish, which helps to achieve the desired product design of the product and gives it a more attractive appearance.

Cold seal 
is a water-based coating used to seal a variety of packaging materials. Cold seal technology is used for packaging that should not be exposed to high temperatures. It only requires pressure to seal the adhesive layer, which is pre-applied to the packaging film. Cold seal is suitable for confectionery products made of chocolate and chocolate-containing products, cereal bars, ice cream, etc.


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