Roll packing

Packaging is an important and integral part of the finished product. It has an advertising and information function and protects the product from the harmful effects of the environment, from damage during transportation and storage.



For grocery packaging we offer packaging made of monofilm and laminate. The packaging material is characterized by the strength of welds, protects the product from moisture, has low gas permeability and high resistance to punctures and tears

Coffee, tea


Our packaging with high barrier properties allows you to save the aroma and taste of coffee and tea

Label for drinks


We offer a roll label made of BOPP film, treated with high quality flexographic printing up to 8 colors, for labeling PET and PE bottles

Vegetables, fruits


For fresh fruits and vegetables, we supply films with macroperforation for ventilation allows you to keep food fresh for a long time

Dairy products


Dairy packaging has high mechanical strength, endowed with barrier properties to exposure to ultraviolet rays. The applied seal is resistant to abrasion from fats and acids or mechanical damage. Also important is the ability to weld and seal, providing strong welds



For confectionery packaging we offer a wide range of monofilms and laminates with flexographic printing. Full-surface or partial matte coating increases the attractiveness of the package. It is also planned to use Cold seal for packaging products that should not be exposed to high temperatures

Sanitary products


Packaging for sanitary products protects them from contamination, mechanical damage and moisture, as well as impervious to light and odors

Non-food products


For the packaging of fertilizers and soils, we offer monofilms and laminates using light-resistant paints and adhesives. Laminates are resistant to aggressive compounds and are able to withstand long shelf life in various weather conditions. The film is used to make 20, 50 and 75 liter packages



For snack packaging, we offer packaging made of monofilm or double or triple laminates with high barrier properties to light, water vapor, oxygen and flavors, which have both aluminum and transparent barrier films

Deep-frozen products


For ice cream and frozen products, we offer monofilms and laminates with high bonding strength and reliable joints that are resistant to surface contamination and punctures. Packaging of frozen products can withstand long-term storage at low temperatures, without changing its properties and structure while maintaining the seal on the film

Oil and fat products


Flexible packaging for oil and fat products and sauces is also made of materials that have high barrier properties: gas, water, grease resistance, light reflectivity, as well as ensure the reliability of welds and guaranteed strength and integrity of packaging

Wet wipes

For packing of wet wipes we offer packing from the multilayered materials providing preservation of initial level of humidity of a napkin inside during all term of storage


We offer ready-made three-seam packages of monofilms and laminated materials used for manual and machine packing. Printing bags can be made using flexography up to 8 colors and selective varnishing.
Production of packages at the enterprise is provided by three packing machines. Their work technology allows you to form a bottom fold, rounded and straight bottom.
It is also possible to make bags with a tear-off valve for manual packaging. To ensure air access to the packaged products, packaging machines make perforations and notches on the valves to easily break the package from the clip during automatic packaging

Bread and bakery products


For packaging of bakery products we offer packages from a monofilm, laminates, and also packages from a film that allows the further pasteurization of bread. This type of packaging allows the packaging of hot products, protects it from damage, resistant to temperature changes

Meat and poultry


Packages for meat and poultry are made of high-barrier films, which are characterized by the reliability of welds, high heat weld and impact resistance. Designed for packaging on high-speed food packaging machines. Packaging ensures the integrity of the product during transportation and storage throughout the shelf life