Flexible and environmentally friendly

Preserving the environment is one of the top trends when it comes to large-scale industrial production. Each of us uses a lot of equipment, buys a variety of goods. However, we do not always think about the environment and how the production of anything affects it!
At the same time, responsible companies care about the environment. We boldly include Tatrafan LLC in this list. According to our sales manager Vadym Morozyuk, films made from recycled materials are used to make flexible packaging.
“Our supplier has its own waste, which it recycles to form polypropylene granules needed to create packaging materials,” says Vadim. – We also cooperate with companies that buy finished semi-finished products from us. They also process them into pellets and then use them to make products that will not come into contact with food. “
In addition, our company is actively studying the issue of reducing carbon emissions. One way to do this is to reverse the technical water use cycle introduced at the plant. For the same purpose we use forklifts that run on electricity and completely switched to diode lamps, we regularly carry out landscaping.
Tatrafan has also introduced the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system and FMEA environmental risk assessment.
“It is our responsibility to adhere to the strictest standards. He is also indebted to the end customer and must provide him with a quality product in the best packaging material, “Vadym Morozyuk summed up.